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Humanities student

Humanities and Philosophy

Why Study Humanities and Philosophy?

Egyptian bustLogic and reason are the key tools humans use to analyze the world. Surveys of corporate leadership show that employers value the critical thinking skills philosophy and humanities students learn above virtually any other skill. The training you'll receive in history, writing, logic, and reason help you think critically to learn how people really work. Thinking about law school? Our courses will prepare you to score higher on law school and graduate school entrance exams.

The Department of Humanities and Philosophy offers majors in Humanities, Philosophy and Applied Liberal Arts.

Scholarships in Humanities and Philosophy

students learningThe Department of Humanities and Philosophy offers scholarships and tuition waivers for students in the department. You're eligible for one of our scholarships if you have declared a major or minor that falls within our department. Need help with this? See your academic advisor and they'll get you on the right track!

Did you know, more than 85 percent of 美狮贵宾会登录中心 students receive some form of aid, totaling more than $102 million? 

Find out what scholarships we have on the scholarship descriptions page and create an online scholarship profile through the 美狮贵宾会登录中心 Scholarships portal.