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在大学教堂中,Y教堂的独特之处在于它几乎完全是由学生们设计和创造的, faculty, staff, and friends of the University. 今天,教堂不仅为小型宗教团体提供了“一个非常必要的集会场所”,' as envisioned by President Robinson, 但同时也为整个校园提供了一个安静和冥想的地方.  它也是许多学生活动、独奏会、入会和婚礼的首选场所. Y教堂于2001年7月被列入国家历史名胜名录. 这是对Y教堂作为一个纪念参与其创造的数百人, and honors its artistic and architectural uniqueness.

Windows of the Y-Chapel

当学生们聚在一起决定教堂窗户的主题时, 他们选择不与那些在作品中描绘圣徒和圣经文本的旧大陆艺术家竞争. 学生们选择了当时在14扇彩色玻璃窗上所唱的歌曲作为重点. 他们与基督教青年会和基督教女青年会的代表会面,挑选出可能具体代表的歌曲, and determined that one patriotic song, one folk song, and one fellowship song should also be included. 其中一些主题是由捐赠者选择的,他们专门为家庭成员或朋友提供窗口.  Plans were made to design the windows on the south side around a male figure; on the north, a female figure.  

Songs relating to a complete life cycle - Infancy, Childhood, Marriage, Maturity, 和不朽——都反射在教堂北侧的窗户上. 南侧的窗户代表了平衡的男性的五个活动领域, as envisioned in the 1940s: Labor, Service, Civic Interests, Church Activity, and Intellectual Accomplishment. 三扇窄窗映照着经文:“我是葡萄树,你们是枝子.经典的“玫瑰之窗”诠释了这首歌“幸福是捆绑在一起的纽带”.' Even the doors to the chapel represent popular hymns of the time.   

The Chapel Doors | Rose Window | The Narthex | North Window | South Window

History of Y-Chapel

1941年4月,在校园基督教女青年协会的一次会议上,1美元,500英镑用于在校园里建造一座小教堂. According to Dr. R. R. Robinson, university president from 1939 to 1948, 教堂的目的是“为小型宗教团体提供一个急需的集会场所”.' In addition, Dr. Jessie Ray Newby, Ph.D., Chairman of the Y Chapel Committee, 承诺它对所有有时间享受它特权的人开放.' 

因为国家资金无法资助宗教建筑的建设, a Work Progress Administration grant was obtained, and Dr. Newby began an extensive fund-raising campaign. 弗兰克·巴特拉姆家族为大学社区提供了一笔匹配的赠款. Dr. Newby also obtained funding for many of the individual windows, pew carvings, 和祭坛摆设提供的物品,专门为家人和朋友, faculty and staff, and even students who were involved in the project. The outbreak of World War II proved an obstacle to funding, 以及获得制造窗户所需的玻璃和铅材料. Thus, many parts of the project were started, placed on hold, and picked up again when materials became available. 

Throughout this, 艺术系的学生没有等待资金就开始了这个项目, 在教堂建成之前,窗户已经完工,等待安装. All of the work in the creation of the windows, 除了实际切割的进口彩色玻璃, was done by 美狮贵宾会登录中心 students.  他们设计,切割图案,绘画,然后烧制.  

为礼拜堂制造窗户的浩大工程是由坎普女士发起的. Beatrice Paschall Stebbing, faculty member in the Art Department , and was continued after her departure by her colleague, Ms. Betty Winston Graham. Students involved in the design, creation and painting of the windows were Shirley McCalla Calkins, Ray Gilliland, Frances Walker, Mary Olive Moran, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Carlson, Ruth Russell, and Virginia Smith. These students were paid 25 cents an hour for their efforts. 

最后,在1948年,完成的资金允许建设开始. 新的和更温和的计划,围绕完成的窗户和家具的教堂建设. The groundbreaking occurred in the fall, but construction was delayed once again, this time by an extremely harsh winter. Dr. 纽比雇佣学生设计窗户,切割和油漆玻璃, with a studio assisting with the firing and leading of the windows. Art students designed and created the tiles covering the low interior walls of the chapel; industrial arts students, the pews and podium; and students in the metalwork department created the iron lace organ grill. 1949年4月,Y教堂终于落成. And while the official cost is in the range of $30,000, 它没有反映出学生们付出的数百小时的工作和奉献, faculty, staff, 学校的朋友们超越了项目的范围,为校园创造了一个持久的聚会场所.


Dr. Jessie Newby Ray, Ph.D.他是拉丁文教授,也是基督教女青年会的赞助人,是Y教堂委员会的主席. Dr. 在项目完成后不久,Ray写了一篇题为“Y教堂之歌”的长文. Detailed descriptions of each window, the iconography, and relevance of the theme, are found in this document.  这里提供的大部分信息都直接取自本文.

Ms. Beatrice Paschall Stebbing wrote an article for the Summer 1996 issue of Stained Glass, 题为“学生创造教堂窗户(只需要Emil Frei, Jr .的一点帮助)”.),详细介绍了在大学教堂中创造两个早期彩色玻璃窗的例子——埃德蒙的Y歌礼拜堂, Oklahoma, and the Texas Woman's University Chapel in Denton, Texas.  

Ms. Stebbing 1999年,在Y教堂成立50周年纪念活动上,他曾撰写了题为《美狮贵宾会登录中心》的文章. 本文对创建每个窗口所涉及的工作进行了详细的描述,富有人情味. 

Credit also must be given to Mr. Emil Frei, Jr., of St. Louis, MO, the only stained glass studio owner who answered Ms. 斯特宾请求协助实际切割用于窗户的珍贵玻璃. 他为这个项目带来了创造力和技巧,同时鼓励学生和老师克服许多困难.

Mr. Bruce Love, with the Edmond Historical Society, 第一个向俄克拉荷马州历史协会提议将Y教堂列入国家历史遗迹名录, 2001年7月,它被列入了国家历史遗迹名录.